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What we do

JL Enterprise Group focuses on improving business processes to drive growth and profitability. We analyze and document the firm’s entire value chain, including the new product development process and it’s tactical manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales service processes. We then identify root cause issues impacting process/product efficiencies or problems and help implement the corrective actions. We have extensive experience in conducting these improvements or corrections virtually. Going digital and via virtual support, we can provide effective support around existing products, processes, and methods while providing these services cost-effectively.

Through these digital connectivity threads, we will help you realize success in expanding you product offering via new product innovations, by insuring capable and stable manufacturing processes and efficient business methods. At the end of the engagement, we will provide a list of validated input variables that need to be controlled to guarantee success for the desired output goals.


We work with clients to extend the utility of their data by applying systems/machine learning & statistical analysis to solve for the outcomes that will have the biggest impact for the business.

Data Science/Analytics

We work with clients to build the infrastructure for effective innovation and business execution through effective data management and use of advanced analytics for process/business control. Rapid product development, preventive quality control methods and efficient business processes are achieved by monitoring and controlling key measurables.

Business Process Management and Managed Services

We help clients free up internal resources for more strategic work by helping with outsourcing activities. Additionally, we help companies insource strategic critical activities with effective verification and validation processes.