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Core Competencies

  • Operational Excellence- Our Focus include business and technical problem-solving achieved through effective team-work and enhanced leadership. Upon the conclusion of our engagement, we leave the organization with improved processes, enhanced problem solving skills and strengthened leadership capability. All of these fostered by an instilled culture of continuous improvement. We focus on customers’ needs by listening intently to the issues and challenges. The tool sets that we utiize to generate these operational and business improvements include:
  • Lean Six Sigma- Lean Six sigma is a process improvement methodology that is designed to eliminate problems, remove waste & inefficiency, and improve working conditions to provide a better response to customers’ needs. Lean Six Sigma combines the strategies of Lean and Six Sigma. Lean principles help to reduce or eliminate process waste while Six Sigma provide process control and enhanced capability.
  • Shingo model for cultural improvements- The Shingo methodology utilizes Quality Circle, Total Quality Management and Business Re-engineering tools to instill a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Quality Control- We provide services to identify problematic gaps in your quality system to enhance quality delivery. Our focus is on PREVENTIVE QUALITY MEASURES AND METHODS.
  • New Product Introduction- NPI requires a substantial investment of time and resources, careful planning of each step. At JL Enterprise we support the business from the prototype phase to product / service launch via validated stable and capable processes.
  • Business Turnaround- All businesses have ups and downs. When a business finds revenue and profit Shrinking and cash flow falling short of commitments then only three choices left – fix it, sell it or close it. We provide business turnaround process to transform your business so it can support itself.
  • Startup Support- We provide start-up support in following areas
    • Operations
    • Quality
    • Efficient New Product Introduction
    • Vendor Management
    • In-sourcing and Outsourcing Program management