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Delivering Effective Business Systems & Process Improvements

JL Enterprise Group Inc.

The business world is changing at a fast pace. New Technologies are coming into existence. Competitive innovations are being rolled out at increasing pace. Market trends are changing. Businesses have to cope with all these major factors plus uncontrollable external issues like global pandemics, economic downturns, political changes, etc. These all change how we interface with our customer, vendors, and colleagues. We provide digital and analytically based strategies to businesses to enhance business performance. Our proven methods utilizing Lean Six Sigma, Shingo Principles, Quality Systems Management and Operational Process Excellence will help drive business growth, maximize productivity and optimize operational tactical processes.

Strategic Consulting and Technology Applications

Key Areas of Focus & Core Competencies

Business Management and Strategic PlanningRead More..

(Product Planning, New Product Introduction, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Improvement)

Operations & Quality Excellence Read More..

(Lean Operations, Six Sigma Quality Control, Preventive Quality Methods, Process Capability, Control Charting, Quality Systems Management, Value Stream Mapping)

Material Science & Metallurgical ProcessesRead More..

(Forging, Solidification, Heat Treating, Plasma Coating, PVD and CVD Coating, Welding, Metal / Plastic / Ceramic Technology, and Material Selection)